Tuesday, October 28, 2014

{PATTERN TOUR} Pimp that pattern - Romper/Playsuit

I'm pleased to announce that our next tour is going to be a PIMP THAT PATTERN blog tour.

The patterns used will be the Flutterby ROMPER and the PLAYSUIT.

So, you ask, what on earth is a Pimp that pattern blog tour?  Well I'll tell you.

This tour requires the participants to pimp, or change up the pattern, as little or as much as they want.  but the pattern must have at least one thing added/altered/modified etc.

And I'm really looking forward to what all the participants make.  Just look at the awesome line up.

3rd November

4th November

5th November

6th November

7th November

8th November
Annnnnd......this is not just for participants, I'd love for you, my readers to join in too. Make a romper or a playsuit during these tour week, and link up using the linky below and you will be in to win some patterns.

At the end of the tour I will use random.org to choose a winner from those who link up and they will get to choose 2 patterns of their choice from my pattern store!!

And if you don't have the pattern yet then you're in luck, they are on special to celebrate the tour.
From NOW until the 8th both the romper and the playsuit will be 30% off in the craftsy shop.

Monday, October 27, 2014

KCW - Day 7 - Matching Leggings

And day 7 is yet more leggings.
(I'm so sorry if you are sick of seeing leggings by now)

Size: 12m for Portia and 4width with 6 length for Brylie
Fabric: Scuba knit

I had left over fabric from Alyssa's leggings and so I made Portia 2 pairs (long and short) and Brylie pair (long) 

One way to get Portia to co-operate during a 'shoot' is to get her to do peek-a-boo so you will usually see a shot like that in each of my posts! 

She has a lovely natural look when she is gazing off into the distance!!!

This knit is quite a sturdy knit, and therefore I needed to make the elastic a bit tighter than my pattern calls fore.  With a thinner knit the 44 cm worked perfectly for Portia but this knit needed it to be about 40 cm to pull it in tighter.

 Brylie on the other hand is loving "modeling" for me and tries he hardest to give me as many 'poses' as she can :-)

 Picking flowers always help to keep her looking natural!

It was getting a bit cold by the time we finished, but she did so well.

Well, I made it to the end of another Kids Clothes Week 

Did you join in?
What did you sew?

KCW Day 6 - more leggings

So as you may have noticed, I've been focusing on leggings a fair bit this week.  Well I do this so that I get the best possible fit for my pattern, which is actually a benefit for you when the pattern is finally released. :-)

Day 6
Size: 14 years with 13 years length for Alyssa (my brother in law's girlfriend's daughter)
Fabric: Scuba knit from Spotlight.

This knit is a really nice firm knit, which means it will be hard wearing and the leggings will last a long time.   I just did the normal plain leggings as I think the print just speaks for itself.

And for Day 7, I made Portia and Brylie some leggings out of the left overs.
Blog post and photos to come soon.

Sewing along with Kids Clothes Week.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

KCW Day 5 - White top for Portia

Today I've just done a quick simple top.  I've got family up fro the weekend so sewing time is scarce.

For this little white top I used my Rock Star Raglan t-shirt pattern but didn't do the side panels.
Portia needed another white top to wear under dresses, or by itself so I dug through my stash and found some white cotton lycra which was perfect.

Peek - a - BOO!!

 It is easy to transform the rock star raglan into a normal slim fitting t-shirt, but just cutting straight down from the under arm point, instead of cutting the curve.

Then sew the t-shirt as per the instructions.

Portia wasn't into photos today, and it was really hard to get a decent one of her, so I'm sorry, you are stuck with some duds today!!

Oh Mum, not more photos!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

KCW Day 4 - Hooded Vest

Well, I'm doing well, and keeping up with the days.  This morning I wasn't sure what I was going to make, but Elijah helped me decide.  

This morning he chose is clothes, some shorts a t-shirt and this hooded vest that I made him 2 years ago!!!  Needless to say, it doesn't fit him anymore and he was very upset about it..."make me another one please, with cars on the pockets" he asked so nicely.  
So how could I refuse him?

I mashed two of my patterns together to get this vest, both in size 4y.
 For the width and length I used the Streetsmart Sweatshirt Collection and for the neck hole, shoulders and arm scye I used the 4 seasons tank & tee as the streetsmart sweatshirt is a raglan style and not able to be sleeveless.

I also modified the hood a wee bit so that it met in the middle, to be the same as his last one.

I also changed up the pocket a little but adding ribbing along the edge, but it didn't work out quite as I hoped,  it is functional but I'm not too pleased with how it looks.  Not how I envisioned it.

Super excitement to discover the pocket went right though.  Hello!!

All in all I think he was pretty stoked with his new hoodie and at first he wouldn't take it off, even though it was super hot in the house.

I'm sewing along with KCW
I'd love to see what you are sewing if you are joining in...Please post a link if you are.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

KCW Day 3 - Sparkly Leggings.

PAttern: Leggings again!!
Size: 4 width with 6 length for Brylie and 12m for Portia.
Fabric: Some stretch velur with sparkly stars from Spotlight...it was on special!!

Ok, so I'm sorry about all the leggings, but when I start a pattern I really make a lot of pairs, and these are just too cute to not share!!!

I mean, who wouldn't want sparkly tights??? 

They passed the climb the fence tests, and the climb the tree test without seeing butt crack so that is a major bonus.  
The only thing I would say is I needed to make the elastic a bit tighter, the girls are both thin and so they could do with 2cm less in the waist elastic. *makes mental note for next pairs*

Portia is starting to get to the point now where she isn't so interested in taking photos.  I have to take about 50 to get a few good ones of her, and luckly the good ones I do get are stunners.  Such a pensive, quiet little thing....HA!!!  I just said what? Those words don't really describe Portia at all!!

Sisterly love, its so nice seeing them playing together and helping each other.  It's a change from ....well you know....I'm not going to explain it!! 


And Brylie is trying so hard with her "poses" haha I love this one, the attitude!!

And apparently she HAD to be a starfish and I couldn't get any other photos until I'd taken this one!!

Sewing along with KCW

KCW DAY 1 & 2

So I haven't been so on the ball for this Kids Clothes Weeks, and am already running behind.  Here are my day 1 and 2 items.  I'm working on a legging pattern at the moment so quite a lot of what I'm sewing is related to that.  I'll tell you that day 3 is also leggings, but another version...

The first pair I made, I made for Brylie.  She is a very tall and skinny 6 year old and so because of this I made her the size 4 width with a 6 length.
  They fit perfectly.  A nice firm fit which is a must in a good legging pattern as they get worn under lots of tops and tunics.  This particular one she was wearing is the Tara pattern.

The owl fabric I used is from Ixat and is lovely and soft, cotton lycra which is my preferred fabric for leggings and it has a good stretch and recover.  So no baggy knees.

She asked me to take some photos of her twirling, it was hard to capture it properly, but you get the idea.

For day 2 ~  I made a different variation of the legging pattern.
This time I made a size 12month for Portia, and I used stretch denim from Nutex Textiles. 

It has a nice stretch to it but I don't think it would work to make full leggings out of it.  
This pair worked though as I added a ruched side panel from some cotton/lycra (again from Ixat).

I didn't get the gathers to line up perfectly on one of the legs therefore it keeps twisting around to the side.  I will be way more careful next time I make some.

The leggings also have two waist options.  Elastic or yoga, these ones have the yoga waist.

I wonder what else I'll come up with...

Sewing along with KCW
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