Friday, April 18, 2014

{Pattern Release} Peekaboopocket pants sizes 5y-14y

Exciting news in the LKC household today.  The larger sizes of the very popular peekaboopocket pants (0-5ys) was just released.

You can now purchase this super comfy, drop crotch style pant in sizes 5-14years.

As with the smaller sizes you can choose to do pockets or not, and you have 2 choices of waistband as well (elastic or yoga)


If you have made some pabp pants I'd love to see them, join my flickr group and add your photos.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

{Pattern Release} Rock Star Raglan

Yay! the Rock Star Raglan was released on the weekend.  I didn't get to the blog post because I was going to do it on monday but was sick all day.   So I'm doing it now.

I love this t-shirt, it is so versatile and functional as well as comfortable which is the main thing, AND its perfect for upcycling/recycling/repurposing or whatever you want to call it.

It comes with long and short sleeve options and a unique side panel which adds shape and an opportunity to play around with fabrics.

I made these 3 for Elijah for KCW

From now until the 17th (nz time) use the coupon code ROCKSTAR at the ETSY checkout to recieve 15% off your purchase.

Here are some of my testers photos, arent they great.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

{Kids Clothes Week} Day 7

Yippeee, we are at day 7, I must say, my house hasn't become the bomb site that I was expecting it too.  I must have made time somewhere this week to do some housework...not folding though, haha, I've folded once this week, and am presently looking at another MOUNTAIN that needs to be folded or I won't have any nappies for Portia tomorrow!!!

I have really enjoyed sewing for my kids this week.  I do it anyway but this h ad given me the push (not that I needed it) to make something for them, and to think about the things that they needed.

Day 7
Pattern: My newly released Rock Star Raglan
Size: 4 (Elijah - hes done quite well out of KCW this season)
Fabric: Repurposed t-shirts my husband didn't want anymore. (read that as wife went through drawers and pulled out all the t-shirt and said "you havn't worn this in 10 years!!!")

I started off with 6 different t-shirts and mix and matched the panels, front/backs and sleeves.
I made long sleeves as we are moving into winter in New Zealand.

This is what I ended up with.  The only extra piece of fabric that I needed to use (every other piece was recycled) was the blue ribbing for the neck of the shirt on the left.

Elijah was NOT keen on the Blink 182 one to begin with, aparantly he doesn't like rabbits!!! since when.  But when I told him it was the Easter Bunny, he was more than happy to put it on!!

This t-shirt is a Trademe t-shirt, Trademe is the New Zealand equivilant of Ebay.
This t-shirt was dubbed the "kiwi" one and now has feijoa juice all down the front..

This next t-shirt is a mash between a Parachute Festival and a Microsoft.  My husband is an IT manager and has heaps of "product" t-shirts.  This one was a nice shade of green which matched nicely with the grass in the Parachute T-shirt.

As you can see, he rather likes this one.

I've had fun joining in with KCW

Saturday, April 12, 2014

{Kids Clothes Week} Day 6

Day 6
Pattern: Classic Chinos by Peek-a-Boo Patterns (affiliate link)
Size: 4y (Elijah)
Fabric: Repurposed mens trousers and a bit from my stash.

Today I knew I wanted to make a pair of trousers for Elijah, my husband wanted me to recreate this gorgeous little set for him, but I just couldn't find the fabric I had left over.

This was a little set I made of Elijah to wear to my husband's, cousin's wedding.  It was a flare pant with waistcoat to match...I really want to recreate it for him now he is nearly 4.  But it will have to wait till I am less pushed for time and I can actually find the fabric.

So instead I went with the Classic Chinos pattern by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.

They are a classic pant with so many cool features, real pockets on the side and back, a real fly if you so wish ( I chose not to do the real fly) shorts or pants length.  The places these pants can be worn are endless...

I chose to repurpose some pants that I had in my "to make into something else" pile, but once I cut out the legs I ran into a problem...I didn't have enough fabric left over for the waistband and the back pockets.

So I found some check fabric that matched the main fabric from my repurposed pants.

I made a boo boo when choosing the size though, because Elijah is nearly 4 I chose to do the size 4, big mistake, I should have measured like Amy suggests in her pattern...

What size should I have made?  Well Elijah is a skinny wee thing soand measures a size 2 hip with a size 3 waist.  

So I should have done the size 3. 

See how the pants are a bit big and the bum is quite bubbly on him and the waist elastic is really tight (I had to pull it in another extra 1" to make them fit).  I guess he will grow into them, and I will have to make him another pair and he really needs some he can wear NOW.

Once again I dont have a happy model, though he is happily running around the house with the trousers rolled up.

I do love all the little details in this pattern, the back pockets are very clever, and a new technique that I had never done before.  I love how I'm always learning new things.

Cute little blue quilting cotton as the lining of the pocket. 


I will get some better photos tomorrow when I get him all dressed up for church tomorrow.  He's going to wear these pants and this shirt.

Joining in with KCW

Friday, April 11, 2014

{Kids Clothes Week} Day 5

Anyone tired yet? Only 2 more days to go. We can do it.

Day 5 
Pattern: I cheated today and used store bought long sleeve t-shirts and SCREEN PRINTED them.
I designed my own screen printing stencils from things my children enjoy.

So today was a little cheats day (sewing wise) I purchased 3 t-shirts and screen printed them.  I've had my screen printing gear here for ever and haven't used it since I left home, over 10 years ago!!! so it was time it got used.

I did my preparation of the stencils yesterday, and boy am I glad I did, otherwise I wouldn't have got it done in time.

For Portia I did a rainbow.

For Elijah I took one of his car drawings and turned it into a stencil, he was very chuffed to see that it was his design on his t-shirt.


Brylie, well she loves anything to do with love and hearts so she was easy.

The photos aren't the greatest, and as you can tell from this photo, they were NOT in the mood to pose.

And...they got them dirty at dinner so there is no chance of nice photos tomorrow. 
Ah well...that's life with 3 kids I guess...

Plodding along with KCW

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