Thursday, July 24, 2014

{Kids Clothes Week} ~ Day 4 ~ Matching Vest for Brylie

Day 4
Pattern: Graded up this pattern
Size: 6 years
Fabric: From my stash, a woolen blanket and some knit from a random bag!! you know you have those too!!

As soon as I posted the photos of Portia in her vest I realised that I have chanced on a winner, and I knew I had to grade it to Brylie's size.

So that's what I did last night and today I made the vest.
The whole time I was cutting and sewing, Portia was trotting around me saying "Portia's, Portia's" meaning she recognized the fabric and the style, and that it was exactly the same as her one....She thought it was hers.  
And I don't blame her...its exactly the same!! apart from the buttons.

She even helped me with the sewing process and fiddled and tuttued until I couldn't do anymore with the "help"  
Don't you just love those little pig tails?

I'm not very happy with the photos that I've taken.
I didn't see Brylie until after dinner because after school she had dance and drama, then had dinner with her grandparents so she got home after 6:30 and by that time the light was well and truly gone.

So we were stuck with inside photos. blerg, I'm going to try and be very organized tomorrow morning and take some nicer ones.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{Kids Clothes Week} ~ Day 3 ~ OOAK Raglan Ts

On to Day 3 and I'm really enjoying this season of KCW.  Today I was inspired when I saw Jenny from mend and make new, day 2 post, I loved the way she mixed up the fabrics in the t-shirt and I thought I'd give it ago for today's items...yes I did say items!!  cant make it too easy for myself now can I?

Day 3
Pattern: Rock Star Raglan / Street Smart Sweatshirt
Size: 4 for Elijah / size 5 width with 6 length for Brylie
Fabric: Cotton lycra knit and cotton knit from my stash / Merino and knits from my stash.

For Elijah's Raglan t-shirt I used my rock star raglan pattern  which is a very versatile pattern for girls or boys.  It is a slim fitting t-shirt and has a unique side panel which gives the illusion of shaping to the body.

I didn't change the pattern except for splitting the sleeves and colour-blocking them.  I really like the effect it causes.

The fabrics I used were from my stash, but I purchased the stripe from "the Fabric Store" in Auckland when I was up there for the weekend a few weekends ago.  It used to be called Global Fabrics.

They had a vast choice of fabrics and I had to limit myself, I got three stripes like this one in different colour ways.  It has such a nice stretch and feel to it, perfect for little boy t-shirts.

The print came from a mum run fabric business from facebook called Snip-its but I cant seem to find it anymore.  which is a pity as they had some gorgeous fabrics.

We went out this morning to a gym session run at the local event centre, and it looked very comfy and moved well with Elijah as he bounded around the hall.  He discovered that he is quite good at basketball...It was nice to see him enjoying the space and challenging himself to try new things.

Haha, I tried, I really did try to get some really good ones, but all he wanted to do was post like Brylie!!! and say "I love you mummy"  Who can complain with that.

For Brylie's hi-low t-shirt I used my street smart sweatshirt pattern.  I used the hi low version with just a plain back and front.  I spliced the sleeves the same way I did with Elijah's t-shirt and also added some cute little appliques.

Because Brylie is a tall slim girl, I made cut the pattern along the 5y line for the width, and to the 6y height.  Because of the way my patterns are nested, it makes it possible to customise the pattern to your child's exact body size.

The main body of the hi-low is a beautiful grape coloured merino.  I've had it for quite a while, and it just jumped out at me as a perfect base for this item.  I paired it with a solid and a stripe that I picked up in my latest hall from a hospice shop here.  Can you see them?

This whole bunch cost me $30 I was super excited.

I will be editing to include Brylies photos when she gets home from school in 2 hours.

*edited to include Brylie's photos*

Once I put this top on Brylie I realised that I must have cut the sleeves at the "add cuffs" line for the I need to add some cuffs to make them not look like a 3/4 length gone wrong!!

She was a little worried about wearing jeans, "what if they think you made the pants too?" aww sweetie, its ok, I said, I'm telling them its just the top I've made...maybe I should have made her some leggings to go with it.   She is really getting into this KCW thing, she helped me make the list, and asks me each day, what I'm making and if its for her!!

I think its safe to say that she likes it, and its a bonus that it will keep her warm because its merino.

So, other than the sleeves being a bit short ( which I will fix tonight) it is perfect and I love how it turned out.  She loves the heart (of course)

Joining in with KCW 
Are you?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

{Kids Clothes Week} ~ Day 2 ~ Woolen vest for Portia

Day 2
Pattern: Drafted myself
Size 12m for Portia
Fabrics: From my stash, a woolen blanket and some knit from a random bag!! you know you have those too!!

Its been really cold lately in Tauranga, New Zealand, so I decided it was about time I made Portia a wee recycled woolen vest that I've been wanting to make one for a while. KCW is a perfect opportunity to make these little projects that have been "on the to make list"

This woolen blanket that I had was just crying out to be used as a vest.  And I really do think that I have done it well (though I say it myself,  haha modest aren't I?)

 I didn't have a pattern so I drafted my own, to start with I just lay Portia down on a piece of paper and drew around her, it took 3 goes to get it to "look right"  once I had the back piece I drew the front piece.  I knew I wanted a large overlap and a square neckline so I factored this in.

Porita loves playing PEEK-A-BOO

The front is held together with 2 BIG buttons from my stash, I managed to find 2 that were the say. AMAZING. The button holes were the most difficult part of the vest as my automatic buttonhole feature was having a I had to do them manually...(firstworldproblem)

I also wanted a high low look to the vest, so the back is lower than the front and I just love the silhouette this gives.
It is so easy for Portia to move around in, and keeps her core nice and warm...We are off horse riding in 30mins so I will try take some photos of her riding a horse while wearing it.  super cute I bet.

I will also take some up close photos of the constructions, it is fully lined, but Portia will not take it off.

Joining in with KCW
I'd love to see what you've made, feel free to leave your blog posts in the comments so I can look.

Monday, July 21, 2014

{Kids Clothes Week} ~ DAY 1 ~ Hip Hop Harems

Well, it's that time again, how does it come around so quickly.  it only seem like last week that I finished my last kcw item some rock star raglan tees for Elijah which is loves, and wears everywhere.

I told my husband yesterday "Kids clothes week starts tomorrow and his response was "oh no, what does that mean for me?" means that I will be more focused on what I'm sewing, AS WELL as photographing nicely and blogging every day.  It means that the house will be messy (messier than usual), dishes will only get done when there is no more bench space and the washing will only get folded when the pile looks like this and I can't fit any more in the basket!!
But, the children will have nice new clothes to wear and I will feel proud that I can dress them in items that no one else has.  there is something very satisfying about when someone says to your child "what a pretty dress" and your child answer "my mummy made it".

Well on to my TO DO list for KCW this season.  
My plan is 

(in no particular order)
Panel Pants for Elijah
Romper dress (new design) for Brylie
Wool Vests for Brylie and Portia
a few more rock star raglans for Elijah
Romper for Portia
Hip hop harems for Elijah
Portia and Brylie Pettiskirts.

There is a theme this season
KCW July 2014 theme: KID ART
I haven't worked out how to incorporate this into my items as of yet, it may just be that I allow them to choose their fabrics...I'm not very good at giving up that control.

So today is DAY 1:
Pattern: Hip Hop Harems
Size: 4 for Elijah
Fabric: Cotton knit and cotton lycra.

So Elijah has been wearing only a few different pairs of pants over this winter and so I thought it would be good to make him a few more pairs.  I wanted to make them thicker for winter, but I only had plain fabric and merino and he was complaining the merino I used last time was scratchy, and I wanted him to actually wear them, so I opted for some cute little knits I had, one with cars and one with dinosaurs.

This is my newest pattern, released a few days ago, and goes from 0-6years.  It can be made in knit or woven and they look super cute on cloth nappy bottoms.
They are a very quick sew, I made these two in less than an hour.

I was excited to see how they looked on Elijah, but when I got him home he would only try on the car ones, apparently the dinosaurs were going to eat him

On the other hand he LOVED the car ones and wore them the rest of the day..

I think he was pretty chuffed that I'd made something for him for a change.

He's getting quite good at modelling for me now.

and where would a blog post from me be without a little photo bomber.

So anyone else joining in with KCW this week?  What are you planning on making?  

Friday, July 11, 2014

{Pattern Release} Street Smart Sweatshirt Collection

In all the hubub and excitment of the scalloped princess dress blog tour I totally forgot to share about the newest pattern in my shop.

It is the STREET SMART SWEATSHIRT COLLECTION, and by collection I really do mean collection.  The amount of different items you can make using this pattern is endless.  

From a traditional hoodie...
To a Sweatshirt...
To a Sweatshirt with a difference, perfect for girls...
A hi-low with or without a hood, this one is perfect in a light knit fabric...
Or a dress length with or without a hood...This one is also perfect in a light knit or merino fabric...
And not to mention the with or without a pocket... 

It comes in sizes nb-12years and is perfect for boys and girls alike.  
Here are some of my gorgeous tester photos to get you inspired.

 Perfect for an inspired hoodie.

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