Wednesday, September 17, 2014

{Pattern Tour} DAY 2 ~ Zander's Hoodie & Vest by EYMM

I'm delighted to bring DAY 2 of the Everything Your Mama Made ZANDER'S Hoodie Blog Tour.
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I am a great fan of Kymy's Patterns, and have made them here (Kenzie's Party Dress), here (Kymy's Dolman) and here (Asymmetrical Drape Top) and I love that they are geared towards a beginner sewer, or an advanced sewer who wants a really quick project.  

This pattern however, because of the complexity of the pieces, I mean, I looked at all the pieces and wondered "how on earth does this go together" but it did, but because of this, and the zip and a few other techniques, this pattern is geared to an intermediate sewer.

When I saw Zander's Hoodie come out in the Boy's Bundle put on by Pattern Revolution I just knew I HAD to get it.  Every now and then a pattern comes out that has an all new look to it, something so different and eye catching that you havn't seen before...Well Zander's Hoodie was this for me.

I really struggle to make interesting clothes for Elijah, boys really aren't nearly as fun to sew for as girls.  They can only wear so many styles of pants and t-shirts/shirts.  
Well that was my opinion before I purchased the Boy's Bundle, and when I say that Kymy was having a blog tour I jumped at the chance for a 'kick up the backside' to actually sew one of the patterns I'd bought instead of "hoarding" it in my dropbox...admit it, you do it too!!

What I love about Zanders Hoodie, is the HUGE hood, and the Asymmetrical Zip.  These give it an amazing, unique look that just draws in the comments from friends and family.  I must say I was very proud to say "I made it" today when Elijah wore it to mainly music.

This pattern is geared for an intermediate level sewer, and while it wasn't difficult for me it was time consuming.  I started cutting at 6:30pm and finished at 10pm, Granted I was watching a movie and chatting on Facebook with my friend Fiona from The adventures of Captain X and the Gingerbear Princess as I was sewing, so in reality it probably only took me 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Read Fiona's review of the Zander's Hoodie here.

The tutorial really enables you to create a very professional looking garment that anyone would think that you purchased it, except that it is so awesome and different it just couldn't come from a shop!!!
This whole hoodie, apart from the sleeves are lined and fully lined.  If you were doing a vest, or lining the sleeves it would all be fully lined.

This pattern comes in two size ranges.
~ The children’s/tween’s sizes which is 3months to 18 tween 
~ Adult sizes  which is soon to be released. (this is available for pre-order now, sizes XS-5X) 

Use the coupon code HOODIESROCK on the EYMM website to receive 25% off your order.

I made the size 4/5 for Elijah and it is a little big on him, especially in the arm length, but because of this, I know that he will get heaps of wear out of it and he likes his hands "to be warm" anyway so, if the kid likes it, don't change it!!!  I may however, make the cuffs a wee bit tighter on the next one.

For Elijah I used black sweat-shirting from Spotlight, and a woven space print for the lining from and a bright lime green zip.  The zip just makes the hoodie and in my opinion NEEDS to be a different colour to the main.

I made sure that the stretch of the woven (which is only a little) went with the stretch lines marked on the pattern and there is plenty of room and give in the size 4/5 I made Elijah.

The only problem I had, well, wasn't really a problem, I just had to stop and think and use lots of pins, was when I was attaching the sleeves, the woven lining meant that there wasn't as much give in the arm holes meaning there were a few little pin tucks in the top of the sleeves.  but they were really slight that they don't need to be worried about.

I used the instructions from Kymy's reverse applique pack , it really works great with this hoodie.
I strongly suggest that you add the applique BEFORE you do any of the joining together.

I made my own applique shape of a space shuttle.  
Get it here.

The look on Elijah's face was well worth the late night that went into this hoodie. 

Its been pouring with rain these last few days so I have had to resign myself to the fact that all my photos had to be inside, boy it was hard to get this little man to co-operate, I had plenty of bloopers and funny faces to sift through to get some good ones to show you.

Make sure you follow the Everything Your Mama Made Facebook page or group to get notifications about each DAY of this tour, I just know they are going to be amazing.  

Friday, September 12, 2014

{Pattern Release} Kiwiana Undies

Another pattern that I've been working on these last few weeks is my undie pattern.

As you know, Portia is a teeny weeny thing, wearing size 12 months clothes even though she is 2 years old.  

When I realised that she was toilet training herself (all my kids have started on their own and I've had to join in!!) I pulled out all the undies that I made Brylie to put them on Portia...however, even those these undies were little, they were not little enough.  I mean, Portia is MINI.  They fall of her without her even having to move!! So I thought right, I need to make some Teeny weeny undies, just for Portia.

Features of the KIWIANA UNDIES 

1 ~ Not a full brief, yet they still have full coverage for the behind.

2 ~ They are designed to sit under the belly, where most kids pull their undies down to anyway.

3 ~ The crotch is not super wide.

4 ~ Nice comfy cotton lycra waistband and leg cuffs.

5 ~ The huge size range from Teeny to Tween, and sizing is based on your child's measurement rather than age.  Thus making sure you get a perfect fit.

To purchase go to CRAFTSY or ETSY

DISCLAIMNER: I know there will be accusations of copying as my undie pattern looks similar to the that*darn*kat undies pattern.  Even though I do own this pattern and have made undies with it, I have in no way copied it.  Both these patterns use a similar construction method but my process  started when I took lots of measurements from Portia and from them, drafted my own undie block.  I then created my pattern pieces and graded up and down in size.

{Pattern Release} Flutterby Peasant Dress & Top

I've been very slack in posting lately and so I have two pattern releases to tell you about.

Right now I'm going to tell you about is my very versatile peasant dress pattern, which I've named the FLUTTERBY.   

The Details:

Size range: nb-12yrs
Lengths: Dress length with and without ruffle / Top length with and without ruffle.
Sleeve options: Long, 3/4, short and flutter ( with different variations of each of these, you end up with a total of 10 different sleeves)
Fabric: Its designed for woven but it works perfectly in knit also.

Once again I had some awesome testers for this pattern, and here is a run down of the different styles using my tester photos.

Top without ruffle

Top with ruffle

Dress without ruffle

Dress with ruffle

This peasant dress pattern is slimmer fitting than most, and has a slight A-Line shape to it, which creates a slimmer, fitted silhouette.  
It includes pattern pieces rather than a cutting chart.

My favourite sleeves are the flutter sleeve.  
Such a simple, yet very effectively whimsical look is created by this sleeve.

If you would like to purchase this pattern you can get it on CRAFTSY ]or ETSY.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Introducing Snow White

I've been working on my Flutterby peasant dress for a few weeks now and I wanted to challenge myself to see how versatile the pattern really is.  I love how most of my patterns have heaps of options and potential modifications.

....This dress is no different....

With just a few little changes I transformed the pattern into a cute as little snow white dress for Portia.

I didn't get many good photos as its been horrid weather and way to cool to get out and take some, these were snapped on my phone while Elijah was getting his kindy photo.

***edited to add pattern link***

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

{Sew-along} ~ VEST ~ Winners

Wow, what an amazing sew along that was, there so we many awesome vests made and children happy with their new clothes.

Aren't they all amazing???

Now to the WINNERs,

MOST LIKES ~ Jenny Young for her frozen inspired vest
DESIGNER'S CHOICE ~ Gabrielle McCarthy for her Vintage Scout Vest
RANDOM.ORG ~ April Mason with her gorgeous flowers vest

Ladies, can you please email me lydia at littlekiwis (dot) co (dont) nz with the 3 patterns you would like :-)
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